Welcome to Nammu Birth. I support women giving birth in Copenhagen.

I offer full doula support during birth, 1:1 birth preparation in your own home and birth photography.

Contact me for a free non-binding meeting if you consider doula support.

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Birth preparatory workshop with birth therapist Nanna Lysholt Hansen

Using the voice as a tool, we will investigate how sound can have a liberating and calming effect, and how sound meditation can relieve pain. The breath is a very important anchor during birth, and mindful breath work can support you in staying focused.

Through a series of exercises with the body, breathing and use of voice, we will work on:

-strengthen and support your presence through listening

– release tension

– maintain and center your focus in challenging situations

-grounding, responsiveness and intuition

all something we need in particularly physically and mentally challenging circumstances such as a birth: You can use your voice as pain relief during contractions, and you can use sound meditation in between contractions. Through your voice, you create your own personal space, where you can express your strength, your sensitivity and your (birth) courage.

You can participate regardless of which week of pregnancy you are in.

New mothers and their infants are also welcome. Caring song strengthens our connection and studies show that women who have sung to their children during pregnancy and the first 3 months after birth experience fewer crying episodes, better night’s sleep and less stress.

You do not need to be able to sing to participate, it is sound meditation, vibrations and your personal intuitive sound/voice in a “here and now ” we work with.

Nammu Birth Voice is held in a small group. There are very limited places, so register quickly if you want to join. Please let us know which day(s) you can participate.


Thursday 10 November at 10-12

Saturday 12 November at 10-12

Monday 14 November at 10-12

Wednesday 16 November at 16-18

Place: Nammu Birth, studio Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Vestbanevej 4, backyard Valby Copenhagen

Registration: E: nammubirth@gmail.com / T: 60329184

Price: FREE, The workshop is part of a larger research project on the voice, motherhood and sustainability. It is possible to participate in both shorter and longer courses.


“We heard about the concept of a doula and felt it would be a helpful and good addition to what the Danish Health System offers. We were expected our first child and we liked the idea of extra support. Nanna provided us with a lot of information, suggestions and material at the birth preparation sessions. It was more than expected, very impressive and greatly appreciated.”

“Nanna was guiding us to discover a lot of things we had no idea about concerning pregnancy and birth. Even when Nanna didn’t give us the information directly, she initiated the finding and the reflections. Additionally, we feel the psychological support she provided was a very important part of it.”

“We invited Nanna as our birth photographer because it is a special and unique time that we wouldn’t be able to capture with just our phones. A third person with the experience can provide a much more emotional and meaningful result. Looking now back at the pictures we are really happy to have some beautiful and artful depictions of these special moments. The pregnancy photography session came out very natural and casual, not stiff or artificial. Nanna has the skill of capturing the moment.”

“During birth Nanna supported us with her presence and practical assistance, supporting with pain relief techniques and making sure we wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the process. The coping tools we had learned were a great help that we used a lot during birth, especially the movements and support positions with and without partner.”

“We would absolutely recommend Doula Support to others. Every couple should have the support we had to turn the process to a positive and life-changing journey to becoming a family”.

“We would also definitely recommend to hire Nanna as your pregnancy&birth photographer. It is worth having beautiful pictures of this unique time. It’s easy to overlook or underestimate its future value”.

Lisa & Nikos, Copenhagen, May 2021


“Jeg har haft et forløb ved Nammubirth, hvor jeg har gennemgået individuel fødselsforberedelse, og hvor Nanna også var med til min fødsel og varetog såvel doula-funktion som fungerede som fødselsfotograf.

Det har været et virkelig godt og trygt forløb, hvor jeg følte mig godt støttet igennem hele den store rejse, det er at forberede sig på og at gennemgå en fødsel.

Nanna har en meget omsorgsfuld og nærværende tilgang, hvor man føler sig tryg ved at dele såvel sine forestillinger og eventuelle bekymringer vedr. fødslen.

Under fødselsforberedelsen lærte jeg forskellige teknikker, som jeg havde stor gavn at bruge under fødslen. Samtidig havde vi også arbejdet meget med at blive mentalt godt klædt på til fødslen, og det gjorde, at jeg hele tiden følte mig rolig under fødslen.

Som led i fødselsforberedelsen har Nanna taget graviditetsfotos, og hele fødslen har Nanna sørget for at forevige på flotte fotografier. Det har givet mig et smukt minde om min graviditet med såvel som min fødsel af min datter.

Forløbet blev afsluttet med en efterfødselssamtale, hvilket var en god måde at få bearbejdet hele den store oplevelse på.

Samlet set er jeg ikke i tvivl om, at forløbet ved Nammubirth spillede en stor rolle i forhold til at gøre min fødsel til en tryg og fantastisk oplevelse, og jeg kan således varmt anbefale et forløb hos Nanna. ”  

– Maria S., 2021